One jar … so many uses …

I don’t know where the love of mason jars started for me, but I’ve always been drawn to old, vintage things that remind me of the country and kindof a farmhouse style.  There’s something authentic about them.  Simple, useful, multipurpose.  So they’ve always been something I’ve picked up at antique markets and anywhere I’m out searching for new vintage finds and I’ve started quite a collection.  But more recently I’ve discovered they are not only good for canning and preserving, but a million other things that can add so much character to a home, wedding, or event.  I use them for everything in my home, and they were a key decorative factor to my recent wedding.  See below some awesome ideas for mason jars I’ve recently used.

And more posts on this to come, as I’ve used mason jars for many other things for favors, gifts, holiday decorations, etc. so stay tuned! 🙂

Mini mason jars on shepherds hooks filled with wildflowers as aisle decor

Mason jars as the vases for wedding centerpieces.

Bridal party bouquets stored in mason jars.

A great way to organize craft supplies, and the medium size fits in an old slotted crate for storage!

In the bathroom, the blue jars compliment the white contents and are a great alternative to the usual hurricane vases.

A great way to store makeup brushes!

In my kitchen I am growing an herb garden in mason jars.


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