What’s in a name?

You may wonder where the name, loveinamasonjar came.  Even though mason jars are pretty trendy lately and I have been collecting them for a long time and use them for everything (other post on that here), the idea really came from the way my husband proposed to me back in July.

He knew that I loved mason jars, particularly the really old ones that you find at antique markets or estate sales. I collect them wherever I go, so naturally, him giving me a present of a mason jar filled with rose petals on a date seemed totally appropriate, and not something out of the ordinary.

really pretty, right?

Little did I know what was inside…

We had spent the whole day just being together, hiking, eating lunch, getting coffee, even visiting an awesome antique farm.

Isn't this place cool!

So many fun things to look at!

So when we got back to our spot at the lake in the grass, I didn’t think anything of it when he handed me a cardboard box with a pretty blue mason jar inside. I just admired it and said “Thank you!” He had to say to me, “Why don’t you open it up?”

So I did… and then I saw something sparkle in the midst of all the rose petals and I shrieked, “Are you serious!!?” See, we had been dating for a looong time so I never thought this day would come. 🙂 But it did… and inside tied to a red ribbon was a beautiful engagement ring that he picked out for me.

Love in a mason jar…


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