Wooden fruit crates turned desk DIY

So my husband and I have a tiny old craftsman bungalow that we (let’s be honest… he- ) is restoring. I love the old style and the wood floors and built ins – it’s so fun to decorate a house that has so much character.

But it is hard to find furniture that doesn’t look to big and fits with the style of the house. Most furniture looks too modern or takes up too much precious space. So, when we decided we wanted a desk, it was quite a challenge to find something (and not spend a fortune). That’s when we remembered we had these old citrus crates in our backyard that might be useful. So we decided to make a desk out of them.

You will soon learn with more posts, that my husband is quite talented and if I have an idea, he can pretty much make it happen. So when we pulled the crates in, we set up different formations in the living room, played with dimensions for the space and once we decided on something, he got to work!

He had to cut one of the crates so we were able to put a chair underneath, but we still wanted to keep a little storage space, so he chopped it and then reattached the bottom pieces to make a shelf. Then he used wood glue, a nail gun, and some clamps to adhere the crates together.

We started with 3 crates like this:

And we ended up with a desk!

In order to make the desk slightly taller, we placed it on top of 2 smaller size crates of equal size. Eventually we (I mean he…) will build feet, but this works great for now!

I first had some files and the printer sitting in either side, but then I decided I wanted more storage and I kind of wanted each side to look uniform. So, since I did have a few more crates, I decided to see what I could do!

As the picture shows, each side has a smaller 7 up crate standing on its side to make a sort of shelf, and a coke crate on top for additional storage. One coke crate has 2 slots so I keep cards and envelopes there, and the other coke crate has dividers in it, so I keep small sized mason jars in the slots with office and craft supplies.

Total crate count… 9!

Maybe a lot, but at least now we have a great unique desk and it’s awfully inspiring to sit at it and write to you!


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