DIY Hand stamped wedding invitations

Thinking about doing DIY wedding invitations?  There are so many awesome ideas out there (you could spend days and days finding inspiration on pinterest) but let me tell you about what we did for our Rustic Country Wedding.  Inexpensive, a fun afternoon project, and awesome unique results.

First make sure you know what kind of vibe your wedding will have.  The style, decor, time of year, and of course your personalities.  Invitations (or save the dates) are the first look into what your wedding will be like to the guests. Here are some words we stuck to when planning our wedding:

Rustic, handmade, kraft paper, cowboy boots, burlap, type writer font, country…

So I began the search for ideas, and knew we would want to do a few things:

1) I love the look of a custom stamp for the text instead of printing.  Especially if you’re not that skilled at graphic design, etc.

2) I LOVE kraft paper.  I use it all the time, so naturally I thought of that for our invitations

3) We wanted to do something with a rustic element (burlap, wood, twine, etc)

So I started to look for paper options and when I saw these envelopes at paper source (one of my favorite stores) I knew that’s what we would want to go with.

I love the string and button closure, it really adds to the character.  I was curious as to if it would cost more at the post office, and so I brought one in a checked (always a good idea before starting), and while it did require at 64 cent stamp, we figured it was worth it.

So then we had to decide what paper to use and how to make it fit in the envelope, since it is a unique size.  I found a GREAT site: Paper and More that is inexpensive, sends samples for super cheap, had great turn around time, AND cuts paper if you need for certain size envelopes. AWESOME!  After a few trials, we found a recycled white fiber paper that was a great contrast with the paper bag envelopes.

We purchased a ream of it without cutting service and cut ourselves, but I would recommend using the cutting service to save time  next time.  We had help in the cutting so it worked for us, but since it’s not that much more, it’s a pretty cool option.

So we had the paper, invitation size and envelopes, next was to decide the text.  I had purchased a self inking return address stamp for a friend on etsy awhile back so I immediately thought that shop.  Sure enough, they do custom stamps, even large ones for invitations – yay for StampOutOnline – check them out on etsy! So I worked with them on a design they had, figured out the sizing, Matt and I wrote the text, and Bam!  We had an invitation!

We also made an RSVP stamp that matched the invitation to fit 4bar size paper (typical RSVP sizing) and bought the matching paper bag 4bar cards and envelopes from papersource to complete the look. ps – they have a bulk discount!

Here’s the stamp pre-stamping party… Pretty cool right?

Once I had all the supplies I played with designs, and we decided to go with the style on the left.

Then it was time to have an invitation stamping and assembling party! Matt hand stamped each invitation and RSVP card… and we made about 240 of them…He’s pretty awesome 🙂

Here are some shots of the event…

And here is the final look!!

What do you think? We thought they turned out pretty cool! I think the entire stamp and assembling party took about 4 hours… I don’t remember exactly, but we made a ton of fun of it. It was just Matt and I, with some help from his roommate and mom to help assemble and tie all that twine. Our hands hurt by the end, but it was worth it!

I addressed all the envelopes that night while watching a movie, and we topped it off with a custom stamp we had made from

It was a fun project, didn’t take that much time, was inexpensive, and the end result was pretty awesome! We were so happy with them, and I think our guests enjoyed them too!


6 thoughts on “DIY Hand stamped wedding invitations

  1. I love this idea! Thanks for posting the Etsy vendor! I had been searching all over for a stamp big enough to work as invitations! Hopefully, mine will look as amazing as yours!


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