DIY wedding bouquets – hydrangeas and burlap

You CAN make your own wedding bouquets – We did! If you’re like me and shocked to hear how expensive wedding bouquets can be, then keep reading!

Doing your own bouquets is totally do-able, inexpensive, and a ton of fun! A great activity to do with your bridal party the weekend of the wedding! All you need is a place to purchase flowers like a local flower market, a few friends or family who are willing to go to the market with you, and awesome bridesmaids who are up for a wedding weekend activity!

We have a local flower market here in LA (and one in Orange County) for those Southern CA readers, but if you are elsewhere, I’d research what is nearby to you. We decided to go to the LA Flower Market and I was fortunate enough to have my mom, my mother in law, and a friend who is an expert at flowers to come with me. This was especially helpful because we actually did all our own flowers (another post on that later) so we had to get a lot of flowers.

Before you venture out though, make sure you have an idea of what you want – even if it’s just for bouquets. Think about what your colors are, what the girls are wearing, how many are in the bridal party, and any certain kind of flowers you have your eye on. Some things to note: flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding will be less expensive, so keep that in mind when choosing.  Also, the best selection of flowers is available earlier in the morning, so that is the best time to go.  Markets may only be open to those with a florist license for certain hours of the morning, but they then open up to the public. It will also probably cost a few dollars to get in, so make sure you call first to know what the fee is and when the public can enter the facility. And don’t forget cash! I’m no expert really, but want to pass on what I learned!

We had our wedding on a Saturday, so we decided to get the flowers on Thursday morning and store them in buckets of water until we were ready to assemble on Friday night. Our wedding was outdoors and in the fall, so I was looking for fall colors with a natural look. This is what we ended up getting for the bouquets:

Using bigger bundles of flowers like hydrangeas and peonies gives the bouquets more body and doesn’t require as many flowers for each bouquet. If you get some smaller greenery as well, that helps to add some texture and body.  Think about how many bridesmaids you have and about how many bunches of each flower you would want in each bouquet when deciding quantity.

Here is my cute niece Georgia helping me unload our trunk of flowers 🙂

Once unloaded, we placed all the bundles in large galvanized bins and buckets full of water and they kept just fine until the next day when we cut and assembled them.

Then, after the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we pulled out the flowers, laid newspaper out on tables and my bridesmaids each made their own bouquet!

When you are ready to assemble, make sure you have plenty of scissors to cut the flowers stems to the right length to hold, and floral wire and floral tape to secure the flowers together. You also might want to add something to wrap around the bottom and cover up the floral tape to match the decor of your wedding like ribbon or material.  We wrapped burlap around the bottom and then added some twine to keep it all together. Here are some pictures of the event (courtesy of Bethany Cissel Photography)
 We then stored the bouquets overnight in mason jars with cute little tags for the names.
And here is the final product!  Thanks Bethany Cissel Photography! Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Looking back now, I’m so glad we did our bouquets ourselves. It was really fun to go to the Flower Market with my mom and mother in law and be able to see and pick out all the flowers. And it was a great memory putting together our bouquets with my bridesmaids! We didn’t really know what we were doing, but I think it all worked out pretty well! It may seem like a stressful undertaking, but really, if you have help, it makes for more great memories rather than added stress. And it saves a ton of money! Of course, you have to have helpful family and friends to make it work, but I’m so thankful that I do!


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