280 fence pickets = one busy weekend!

There IS a reason why I haven’t posted in a few days, and it is NOT because I am not thinking of you my fellow readers!  But we have embarked on a rather large DIY home improvement project – building a fence around our backyard.

While I am not the brains behind this operation, I am a pretty good helper and am learning as I go.  And since I am not the brains, I will not be the best to explain to you exactly what we are doing, but I thought you might want to see a little bit of what is currently going on in our home.  And though this blog has not really been Home Improvement inspired lately, why not show you what I’m learning!

Soo… here goes the first DIY home improvement post from loveinamasonjar!

Eventually our back yard plans will include a deck and garage, but for now we are settling on a fence.  The past few weekends we have been working on the frame of the fence, which I will post about in more detail later; but included in that process was a trip to a steel yard to get 20 foot stretches of steel, Matt welding to make custom  fittings to adhere the steel to the concrete posts, and my first time mixing concrete and using a drill!

But THIS weekend, we got all the wood to start hanging the fence.  And I thought you just might want to see what 280 pickets of fencing looks like in the back of a truck!

Yes, it was a large load!

So yesterday, with the help of our awesome neighbor Greg (check out his blog here), we began to hang the fencing in the back of our property.  We started with the back section because we will eventually take it down since we hope to have a garage in the future.  On this section we used wood as the frame instead of the steel that we used for the side of our yard AND we didn’t pre paint the wood because hopefully it won’t need to be up for too long.

And this is what the process looked like!

Below is a side view. You can see the steel framing here, as well as our framing for the door.
And here is a close up of what the side framing looks like with the steel posts that we will work on later.
Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of the actual process of hanging the back fence but here’s a summary: Matt used a string attached to a nail with a level on it that spanned across the length of the fence to make sure he hung the wood at an even line. Then he used a nail gun to place the wood into the framing, and we checked each picket with a level to make sure it was hanging flat against the other. Then he used self-tapping screws (which means you don’t have to pre-drill – check out how much I’m learning!) to secure the wood in place on top and bottom of each panel. He had also made a chalk line to make sure those screws were in an even line too.

The process yesterday went pretty quick because we just did wood framing to wood pickets and we don’t care as much about the quality of this part of the fence since it will eventually be torn down. But all in all now, it looks pretty good and I like having a bit more privacy! Here’s a view from the alley.

I’ll keep you updated on the rest of the fence progress, but wanted to just give you a quick overview of what we’ve been up to lately!

What weekend projects are keeping you busy lately?


4 thoughts on “280 fence pickets = one busy weekend!

  1. Looks beautiful. Hubby is replacing our bathroom floor this week. Need to replace our fence at some point. This is inspiring!

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