Fun uses for chalkboard paint: Mason Jar Herb Garden

I love chalkboard paint.  It’s so easy to use, comes in many different forms, and can make a simple label on an item, add a personalized touch to a gift, or kid proof a room by painting it on a wall.  I have used this paint for many things, but today I want to show you a quick and easy way to label using chalk board paint.  In this case, my mason jar herb garden.

Here are the supplies:

Then you just paint a simple strip of chalkboard paint on the jar using the foam brush.  I like it to be rough on the edges so I just free hand it, but if you want it to have perfect lines, you can use tape around the borders.

Let it dry and “voila”!  You have a space to write a label!  Mine took a few hours to dry, but it depends on the paint you use.  You can lightly touch it to test beforehand.

Then then use a stick of chalk to write whatever label you want on the jar!

And the final product?

**Note, in my images I painted the chalkboard paint after I had potted the herbs, but you can also start with empty jars, paint the labels, let it dry and then pot the plants.**

And how to pot the herbs??

All you need to pot the herbs are mason jars (I used wide mouth medium sized jars), some potting soil, and any small sized herb plants that can be found at home depot, walmart, etc.

Put a little soil in the bottom of the mason jar, unwrap the herbs, tear a little soil off the bottom and then put it on top of the soil.  Then dampen the soil with water and you’re done!

The herbs grow best in direct sunlight, and I only water mine once a week.  Don’t flood them with water either, just make the top damp. They are pretty low maintenance, add a lot of color to your kitchen, and it’s awesome to cook with fresh herbs!

Happy painting!  and planting!!


2 thoughts on “Fun uses for chalkboard paint: Mason Jar Herb Garden

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