Creative Guestbook ideas – got mail?

Instead of a traditional Guestbook where your guests sign their name, why not make the Guestbook signing into an activity for your guests and have them actually write notes to the bride and groom? It can help to pass time between ceremony and reception and provides a really fun and special activity for the bride and groom to look back and remember their wedding day.

There are many ways to do this, see some ideas that inspired me below. I liked the idea of a “wishing wall” or a time capsule to open for years later in your marriage.

Photo above from  Photo below from

 Sticking with the idea to have something to open after the wedding, we decided to use an old mailbox and have our guests write little love letters to the bride and groom. I found a simple old white mailbox at an antique market and used that for the guests to leave us a note.Once you decide what you want to use to catch all the notes, you can then decide what kind of cards and envelopes you want to use. We used Kraft paper envelopes and cards to fit our theme. It becomes fun then to think of your “Guestbook” table as part of the decor for your wedding and you can be really creative! We used an old coke crate with 2 sides where we held notecards and envelopes and then mason jars to hold the pens.

The important thing to make sure you provide instructions so your guests know what to do. We used a chalkboard for this, which also added to the decor. (photo credit to Bethany Cissel Photography!)

You can have so much fun with it! We even used an old typewriter (thanks Gail!) to add to the vintage look of the table. What could also be fun is actually using the type writer to have the guests “sign in”.

Use every opportunity in your wedding to do something creative and unique, and don’t feel stuck in what things are “should” be like. There are so many fun ideas out there! Use your wedding decor and activities to show your personality as a couple.  It will make your entire day feel more comfortable and personal for you and your guests.


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