Pinterest inspired reclaimed wood love headboard

My little brother and his girlfriend have been dating for 4 years and he wanted to give her a special gift.  Like a lot of things these days, his inspiration came from a picture he saw on pinterest (or she saw on pinterest and showed to him – probably more accurate…) None the less, he wanted to make her a headboard out of reclaimed wood, and of course, since he knows Matt can pretty much do anything, he asked us to help.  It was pretty easy, we did it in an evening, and it turned out pretty cool, so I thought I’d share the process!

First step is to have super cool neighbors who let you use their old fence posts 🙂 Or, just figure out where you can get some reclaimed wood.
 My brother already had a design drawn out he kinda liked, so we started with that. And he knew how big he wanted it to be, so we mapped out the framework in our truck bed with painters tape.
 Then we began cutting the wood into different lengths. It looks best when the lengths vary in size and the seams are not all in a line when fully assembled.
 And then arranged the pieces in our tapped outline.
 Once we had all the pieces cut and we were happy with how the wood was arranged, we used some other wood to be the backing and support.
Then we used wood glue to adhere the pieces for the backing to the headboard pieces, and then followed up with a nail gun to make sure all the pieces were nailed in. (the key here is making sure the pieces on the back are all close to where the seams are so that you can nail each piece together).
 And here it is, all set and sturdy.
Then it came to my part of the project – the handwriting. I knew I was out here for something! Using my brother’s design of what he wanted it to say, I used chalk to trace my outline. (chalk will wipe off easily if you mess up!) And then I painted over it when we liked how it looked.
 And the final product?

What do you think? Pretty cool huh!


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