Engagement Photo Ideas – chalkboards, old trucks, and postcards

I’ve been reminiscing about our engagement photos this week, probably because we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of being engaged.  Nonetheless, I was looking at photos and wanted to share.

Thanks to Bethany Cissel – our amazing photographer – we ended up with so many options, it was hard to choose what to do!

There are so many amazing engagement photo ideas I’ve seen – especially on pinterest – from chalkboards, to banner props, to photo booth strips, and even just beautiful scenery and backdrops, there are so many fun options! But we knew we wanted to send a postcard announcement, so we started with that.

Originally we thought about using a chalkboard with the wedding info…

 You’ll notice the cowboy boots in the photos too because we knew we wanted to wear boots at the wedding!!

We also knew we wanted to use the infamous red truck in the wedding, so we took some photos with that too as a possibility.

But it turned out that we loved all the lifestyle photos and great moments that Bethany captured AND we found some super cute templates for postcards on photo sharing sites (we used wedding paper divas), so we didn’t even use what we thought we would! And we couldn’t decide which photos to use (which is why you will see that we had 4 different versions we sent out) 🙂 See the final product(s) below!!


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