loveinamasonjar photo shoot – the power of images

The more and more I do this ETSY / blog / pinterest / internet thing, the more I realize how important your images are. The better your photo, the more people will look at your blog or product. Unfortunately, I think sometimes people may not even read what you have to say and just look at your photo.

For my products I do what I can, but with a cannon elph or iPhone camera (and no skill), my photos are just okay… So in light of that, my dear friend and wonderful photographer Bethany Cissel (if you have not checked out her work you must – HERE) was kind enough to shoot a few of our products.

I can not describe how much I love these photos. Bethany is FANTASTIC. It is opening up a whole new world for me, feeling so much more professional and legitimate! Thanks Bethany!!


Mason Jar storage – Utensil organizer

I wanted to share with you this quick and easy project I did this weekend, using some things you probably already have at home and yes…you guessed it… Mason Jars! I started thinking about it when I was going through our cupboards and trying to figure out how to creatively fit all our kitchen stuff into our kitchen space! And I hope our house is and will always be, a place where people feel comfortable to come over for a meal, dessert, or even for those just stopping by. And I’d like to be semi prepared to have an impromptu gathering!

Which is why we have a lot of paper plates and plastic utensils…for those easy dinners and impromptu gatherings. But it is no fun to pull the plastic silverware out of a box and place them on the counter for people to use! And that’s what we have been doing when things are last minute lately. So I decided to store them all ready to use.

…You just need…
..wide mouth mason jars (stores items more accessibly)..
..kraft paper/hole punch/reinforcements (to make tags – see this post here too)..
..twine.. alphabet stamps and ink (I found at Michael’s)..Insert the utensils in the mason mars…And use the alphabet stamps to label the tag. And use the twine to tie the labels onto the jars! And there you have some cute utensil holders ready to pull out and use at an impromptu dinner at a moments notice!
I have this handy basket thing I found at homegoods a few years back, so I decided to store them in this, so I can just carry them out if needed. Or use them separately too!

pretty packaging, kraft paper, stamps and tags

Have you ever purchased something from Anthropologie? Do you notice how well they create the “experience” when buying something?  It’s the little things that make a gift or item you purchase a special treat…And paying attention to packaging makes all the difference.

For instance the logo masking tape they use to secure the tissue paper.
And the matching classic, simple and stylish bag.
And at the holidays they always provide the best boxes and some type of creative ribbon where you basically don’t even have to wrap the present!

I love the simple kraft paper boxes and the shoe lace ribbon. Doesn’t all the extra effort they put into packaging make you want to shop there more?

I really wanted to make my products have the same feel when you open them – more of an experience of receiving something and incorporate some branding… So I started to think about what I could do (and still stay on a budget)…

Remember the Anthropologie masking tape?  I did try to see if I could order some of my own, but it was super expensive.  So, I decided to make it…and here’s how…

First, one of the best decisions I made was to purchase a logo stamp.  I used my favorite local stamp company stampoutonline and sent the a .jpeg of my “logo” and they made it into a stamp!  Super easy and super fast.

And you know what you can do with a logo stamp?! Anything!  So I purchased cheap masking tape at home depot and then got my stamp on!I use it to secure bubble wrap for signs and mason jars…And for tissue paper when I ship burlap banners…
I also wanted to have kraft paper tags to create a thank you card for each purchase. There are some super cute tags out there, but you can also make your own! I did using kraft paper,scissors, a hole punch and reinforcement holes! Just decide on a size and make a “template” and then cut the tags out! Use a hole punch to put a hole in the top, and put reinforcement tabs on either side! And there you go – and you can stamp anything on them!  Basic shipping tags from an office store are also a great alternative…

I had found a great mason jar stamp (at Michaels!) when I was planning my wedding, that I’ve since used for my logo. What do you think?
To affix the tags to your product you can use anything, but I  love bakers twine or even regular twine.

And the final product…

…Not that mine compares with Anthropologie, but they inspired me to think about packaging!