Dallas Market 2013

Well hello there from rainy Southern CA! I wanted to tell you about a fun little trip I had the pleasure of taking with my best friend last weekend in Dallas! Her mom owns a wonderful kitchen, bed and bath store in Crested Butte, CO called Casa Bella  – you should check it out! – and I was able to go with them on their annual trip to the Dallas Home and Gift Market!!

dallas market 2013

Levels and levels of showrooms full of beautiful things to order for your store! It was such a great experience! For those of you who own your own store – my hat’s off to you! What a tough job you have! I have always thought it would be fun to have my own store, but man I learned a LOT! The risks you have to take in purchasing things that hopefully people will buy, dealing with off-seasons, hoping that people will like the same things that you do, and figuring out what to stock in your shop to make people want to come in!

I know a lot of jobs are like that, but I have a new appreciation for small shop owners! You have a hard job! Thanks for taking the risks so we can buy cute things to decorate our homes and give gifts to those we love. Maybe someday I’ll have my own store (or… my creations will be in a store :)) but for now I’m thankful that I have more knowledge of what all goes into the process!


Happy weekend everyone! Hope it’s full of joy and relaxation!


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