Life can change in an instant, and I am in the midst of that at this moment!  A career girl turned house wife, I’ve recently gotten married, left my job, moved my home, and am now enjoying life in a new way!  I’ve always had a creative mind, with an appreciation for anything rustic, country, and handmade, but it wasn’t until I planned my wedding, seeing ideas become reality and getting down and dirty with so many DIY projects, that I realized that I love creating.

loveinamasonjar is a place to share my DIY ideas, how we’re making our house a home, the many projects it took to make our rustic, fall wedding a reality, and anything new I learn along the way.

Thanks for visiting and sharing in this journey!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I grew up with your mom and dad. Then I got to watch u and your brothers grow up from a distance. You’re the same age as my daughter and went to the same college and from the sound of your blog, seem to have a lot in common. Obeying Him, I know your life will be an adventure!! Congratulations on your new chapter!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Kyan – You’re living my dream. I sooo want to do a DIY blog, and can’t wait until I have the time. Your ideas and loveinamasonjar is PERFECT. Love love love!

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