loveinamasonjar is participating in a handmade craft fair! TOMORROW!

Hello friends!

Just a quick note to say that we’ve been busy creating because we are participating in the Knot Too Shabby Bazaar in downtown Glendora, TOMORROW!!

If you’re local, we’d love to see you!

This is the current state of my dining room table.

We will have reclaimed wood signs, burlap and lace mason jars, hanging mason jar vases, soy wax candles, burlap and lace runners, placemats, banners and MORE!



New items on ETSY! Baby love

We’re so excited!! Last week we released some new items to our ETSY shop for our baby line! After having a girl, I learned about a ton of new “baby accessories” that exist and wanted to see what I could come up with on my own! I also started thinking about some fun things I could make for a first birthday party (crazy that our baby girl is closer to 1 than she is to a newborn already!). Here is a preview of some things we’ve released that we LOVE!

Burp Cloth and Bib Bandana sets

baby tribal print bib bandanas - loveinamasonjar.combaby tribal print bib bandanas and burp cloths - loveinamasonjar.comtribal baby bib bandanas -

High Chair and Photo Prop Banners for Birthday Parties

baby first birthday burlap banner photo prop -

baby first birthday highchair burlap banner photo prop -

Fun times at the Holiday Hootenanny!

We had such a fun time with all the vendors at the Holiday Hootenanny last Saturday!  Katie and Faith of fox&bear did such a great job organizing the event, decorating and finding wonderful musicians! Thanks so much you two!!

It was our first time at loveinamasonjar to do an actual event, so we definitely learned a lot!  It’s a lot of work! Props to all of you who have a store or put up booths at different fairs!  Its hard to make sure you have enough items to sell, load everything up, set up shop, and then tear down after the whole day! I’m so thankful for my kind and patient husband who spent his whole day off helping me!  Here are some photos of the display.  I loved how it turned out!

holiday banners - loveinamasonjar.comholiday craft fair - craft fair display - craft fair display -
If you see anything you like, we have everything available in the ETSY shop now too!!

The Hootenanny is Coming!

LOVEINAMASONJAR will be participating in a craft fair this Saturday!  Lots of new holiday items!! YAY! Come check us out!!


The Hootenanny is Coming!

We have a line up of some really great vendors that will be selling goods and treats! So excited for this to happen!

Check out a little sneaky peek of some of the friends we’ll have there:

Sabrina – Binas Blooms

Kyan – Love in a Mason Jar

Ashley – Let it Be Sweet

…and so much more : )

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Thankful Jar. Another Thanksgiving family tradition.

If you don’t want to make a thankful tree to remember and write things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving season, you could also make a Thankful Jar!
Find a jar, cut up some paper, write what you are thankful for, and store it in the jar! It could be a really fun tradition to save each year and look back and see what you wrote in years past.
If you want to purchase this jar above, you can find them in the ETSY Shop!!

loveinamasonjar photo shoot – the power of images

The more and more I do this ETSY / blog / pinterest / internet thing, the more I realize how important your images are. The better your photo, the more people will look at your blog or product. Unfortunately, I think sometimes people may not even read what you have to say and just look at your photo.

For my products I do what I can, but with a cannon elph or iPhone camera (and no skill), my photos are just okay… So in light of that, my dear friend and wonderful photographer Bethany Cissel (if you have not checked out her work you must – HERE) was kind enough to shoot a few of our products.

I can not describe how much I love these photos. Bethany is FANTASTIC. It is opening up a whole new world for me, feeling so much more professional and legitimate! Thanks Bethany!!

Mason jars, Burlap, and Lace – we’re busy creating at loveinamasonjar etsy shop!

We’ve been busy at the loveinamasonjar etsy shop! I’ve started to make more burlap banners in white paint for the spring and summer and have tried new sayings for not only weddings, but engagement photos, baby pictures, and holidays as well!  I’ve also enjoyed getting custom requests for banners.  I like people’s ideas of how to use the banners and it’s especially fun when I get to see pictures of how they use them!

I’ve also been experimenting with mason jars and ways to decorate them with lace , burlap and twine. It’s been my new favorite thing. They make for great candle holders because the light shines through the lace beautifully!

It has been fun to create and try things out! You never know what you might come up with!

Check out what we’ve been up to!

One jar … so many uses …

I don’t know where the love of mason jars started for me, but I’ve always been drawn to old, vintage things that remind me of the country and kindof a farmhouse style.  There’s something authentic about them.  Simple, useful, multipurpose.  So they’ve always been something I’ve picked up at antique markets and anywhere I’m out searching for new vintage finds and I’ve started quite a collection.  But more recently I’ve discovered they are not only good for canning and preserving, but a million other things that can add so much character to a home, wedding, or event.  I use them for everything in my home, and they were a key decorative factor to my recent wedding.  See below some awesome ideas for mason jars I’ve recently used.

And more posts on this to come, as I’ve used mason jars for many other things for favors, gifts, holiday decorations, etc. so stay tuned! 🙂

Mini mason jars on shepherds hooks filled with wildflowers as aisle decor

Mason jars as the vases for wedding centerpieces.

Bridal party bouquets stored in mason jars.

A great way to organize craft supplies, and the medium size fits in an old slotted crate for storage!

In the bathroom, the blue jars compliment the white contents and are a great alternative to the usual hurricane vases.

A great way to store makeup brushes!

In my kitchen I am growing an herb garden in mason jars.