Everything is better in a Mason Jar

I don’t know what it is, but I have been using mason jars for everything lately! Iced coffee, summer drinks, breakfast, pantry organization…Everything just seems so much better in a mason jar! Here are some photos of my latest mason jar adventures!

Breakfast to go:


Love having my yogurt and blueberries already set to grab from the fridge! Just add granola and you are out the door!

Tasty iced coffee:
See my post on these to go cups here

Organized pantry staples:

The plastic lids are awesome because they allow for easy opening! You can find them here

And of course sweet tea:


Want recipes for iced coffee and sweet tea? Stay tuned!


Using rustic antique pieces to make craft organization a part of your decor

Happy New Year everyone! This time of year I always get the urge to go through my things, organize and purge. How about you? I’ve recently been working on how to best utilize our space in our second bedroom – that functions as our guest room, garage, office, and my craft room. Which has been quite challenging! The space gets most often used by me and my etsy projects, so I tried to make my supplies as accessible as possible, without making it look like the crafts are taking over. I decided to make the way I stored things a part of the decor. Here is what I came up with!

Using clothespins and wooden spools to wrap my ribbon and fabric scraps and placing them in large mason jars.

Using pretty baskets to store fabric and scraps.  And check out my vintage sugar and coffee tins that I found at a garage sale! Those hold all my adhesives and office supplies! You’d never know! 🙂


Turning coke crates right side up makes for a great wall piece and creates slots to organize pretty pieces like my bakers twine, washi tape and tag collection.  Use short mason jars to fit in the slots too!


And I found this lovely card organizer at the long beach antique market and decided I would just put my card collection on display!


And I love this piece we received as a wedding gift from pottery barn. It’s been a great way to organize crafts and it looks great hanging on the wall! Again, using mason jars in a slotted piece gives each item its place!


I know this space of ours will constantly change, but for now it’s working pretty well! Happy organizing!!

Mason Jar storage – Utensil organizer

I wanted to share with you this quick and easy project I did this weekend, using some things you probably already have at home and yes…you guessed it… Mason Jars! I started thinking about it when I was going through our cupboards and trying to figure out how to creatively fit all our kitchen stuff into our kitchen space! And I hope our house is and will always be, a place where people feel comfortable to come over for a meal, dessert, or even for those just stopping by. And I’d like to be semi prepared to have an impromptu gathering!

Which is why we have a lot of paper plates and plastic utensils…for those easy dinners and impromptu gatherings. But it is no fun to pull the plastic silverware out of a box and place them on the counter for people to use! And that’s what we have been doing when things are last minute lately. So I decided to store them all ready to use.

…You just need…
..wide mouth mason jars (stores items more accessibly)..
..kraft paper/hole punch/reinforcements (to make tags – see this post here too)..
..mini alphabet stamps and ink (I found at Michael’s)..Insert the utensils in the mason mars…And use the alphabet stamps to label the tag. And use the twine to tie the labels onto the jars! And there you have some cute utensil holders ready to pull out and use at an impromptu dinner at a moments notice!
I have this handy basket thing I found at homegoods a few years back, so I decided to store them in this, so I can just carry them out if needed. Or use them separately too!