loveinamasonjar is participating in a handmade craft fair! TOMORROW!

Hello friends!

Just a quick note to say that we’ve been busy creating because we are participating in the Knot Too Shabby Bazaar in downtown Glendora, TOMORROW!!

If you’re local, we’d love to see you!

This is the current state of my dining room table.

We will have reclaimed wood signs, burlap and lace mason jars, hanging mason jar vases, soy wax candles, burlap and lace runners, placemats, banners and MORE!



DIY Handmade Valentine’s Day gifts

jar of love -
Looking for some hand-made gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? I like the idea of Valentine’s day, but I don’t love the commercialism of it all, and the pressure I feel it puts on people. But I still like to celebrate those I love, so I enjoy making hand-made things! Here are some home-made gift ideas:

Jar of Love

All you need is {love}

..mason jar with ring..

…scrap of fabric..


..letter stamps and ink..

..scraps of paper..

jar of love -
This idea here is to cut scraps of paper (I used scraps of solid color wrapping paper) into long strips, and write things you love about that person on them!

Then roll them up and place them in the jar! I cup some scrap fabric into a square and stamped the word “LOVE” on to it for the lid. Then just  screw the silver ring on and add some twine or ribbon if you want! That’s it! A collection of thoughts and things you love about someone in a little jar! A Jar of Love!

jar of love -

A second idea for a hand-made gift, particularly for a newlywed couple, is to display a “first dance” photo from your wedding in a frame with the lyrics from the song hand written around it.

First Dance Frame with Lyrics

All you need is:


..first dance photo.. lyrics..

..sharpie.. mat frame..

It’s so easy it doesn’t even need any instructions. Voila!
first dance lyrics photo -
first dance lyrics photo -

Mason jar gift ideas – homemade, edible gifts

Finally here in southern CA we have some wintery weather, and I am loving it! It really feels like the holiday season now and baking and decorating just feels so much more fun!!

It just dawned on me that this is our last week of work before Christmas, so if we plan on doing anything for co-workers, now is the time! Thankfully, I’ve had an idea in mind for months about what to do…but now I better get baking! 🙂 I have a sweet little idea for gifts using all the delicious jam I canned back in the summer. But I’ll save that for another post (in case any recipients are reading!!)

Today I’ll share with you last years gift! You know my thing with mason jars… and we had just gotten married, so we had a TON leftover from our decor. SO why not use them in our Christmas gifts! And I got the idea from a shower gift that a dear friend did for me too – see that post HERE. Chocolate chip cookies are a staple in our house so… we baked and baked and baked!
You can do so many different types home made gifts in mason jars, all you need are the jars, lids, some sort of twine or ribbon (we used red and white striped bakers twine) tags, and a little krinkle paper!
If you place the krinkle paper in the bottom of the jar it adds a little cushion so the cookies wont break. And make sure you make the cookies small enough to fit in the jar :). Other than that, all you have to do is bake, insert in the jars, put on the lid and decorate with the tag and ribbon!
IMG_0930 IMG_0934 IMG_0935
CHECK OUT these other great mason jar home made ideas too!!!


Wedding week – Vintage Prop Shopping

I cant believe it’s almost been a year since Matt and I were married. Time flies when your having fun I guess! I thought since we will be celebrating our one year anniversary this week, I’d feature some wedding posts about the DIY projects we haven’t featured yet from our wedding.

First up: PROP SHOPPING. I had a ton of fun scouring antique markets, flea markets and garage sales for perfect wedding decor with friends and family.  We were mainly looking for crates, mason jars, large frames, a mailbox, chalk boards and little knick knacks that gave a rustic, homey feel.

This was a corner of my bedroom before the wedding – ha!
Here are some photos of our finds and how we used them…
We used slotted coke crates for displaying our cupcakes and apple crates as stands to add height for our dessert and drink table displays. To order the banner shown click HERE!

Chalkboards were great ways to direct guests, give them options, and welcome them!

Our guestbook table was a combo of coke crates, mason jars, chalkboards, a type writer and even an old mailbox!

We also looked for old signs and large frames to use for our photo booth! It was so fun to see our guests use the open frames to take fun pictures!
My dad painted this sign for me.  I love the photo above.

And of course, we collected mason jars for our centerpieces.  All shapes and sizes to use as vases and candleholders.
And now we have a ton of rustic antique decor for our home! We use the mason jars, coke crates, frames, and chalkboards to decorate!

Next up – behind the scenes wedding craft parties!! Talk to you soon!

Pinterest Project – Pantry Canister Jar Labels!

Lately I have been trying to find some time to actually DO projects I’ve seen online. If you’ve been on pinterest, chances are you may have seen this lovely photo posted around from a sweet blog I follow: The Painted Hive.

It’s been around for awhile, but I have always wanted to re-do my pantry jars and I finally got a chance to.  I love how it turned out and wanted to share – although it’s not as fancy as Kristine did it, and mine are not able to go in the dishwasher.  But I still LOVE the way they look on my counter and in my pantry!  To do it all you need is:

..jars.. (ikea has a good selection)

..Inkjet Clear Waterslide decal paper.. (can order online HERE)

..Krylon clear gloss spray..


To make the label paper  print your image right on the paper and then spray with Krylon clear gloss and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Then you have lovely labels like so! (Thank you for the label printable paintedhive!!)

Cut the images out near to the edge and then you have little labels for your jar!  Place a label in a bowl of water and let it sit for 45-60 seconds until you can see the label start to come off the backing.

Then place the label on your jar! You can use a wet paper towel to smooth out the bubbles.

Let sit for a few hours and you are good to go!!!

I love how they turned out!!!!

Thanks again for the labels and idea from The Painted Hive!!!

Our Fall Fairytale Wedding – featured on

I’m so excited to share that our wedding has been featured on the blog !! I suppose it’s about time to share some photos of our wedding (since it was last November!), so here you are!  It’s perfect timing, because I have been getting the itch for fall to come and this reminds me of what we have to look forward to.  This blog has super cute ideas and features lots of other wonderful, beautiful weddings.  Thanks Love and Lavender!! Check out the post HERE !!

DIY Mason Jar Bridal Shower gift

I know I’ve mentioned that I had a cute bridal shower favor idea using mason jars, so I thought I’d share today!  This actually came from one of my previous bosses (and friend!).  She was in charge of the favors at my work bridal shower and I thought they  were so great, I wanted to share!

Since our wedding was outdoors, rustic and most of the decor included mason jars, burlap, and kraft paper, this favor was the perfect idea!  AND it included my favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies…

So what was the favor, you ask? Homemade chocolate chip cookies in a mason jar!

How cute is this?

DIY Mason Jar Bridesmaid Gift

When you are thinking of asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding, this can be a great opportunity to do something that matches the theme and vibe you want to achieve with your wedding. It can start to get the ball rolling in your creative process, and can become a unique personalized gift for your bridesmaids!

So when I was thinking of what to do for my girls, I immediately thought of … you guessed it… Mason Jars 🙂

I wanted it to be simple, but personal, and I knew our wedding would be more rustic and have mason jars in the decor, so this is what I came up with.

I started with collecting different mason jars and then printed pictures with each girl and placed them in the mason jar as a kind of picture holder.Then I wrote a note to each girl telling them why they were important to me and why I wanted them to be a part of this journey with me. I placed this in the jar behind the picture.

I thought it would be fun to make the card lead them to open up something else that “popped the question”.  So, I had some natural fabric at home and I cut this into small strips (about an inch wide, but a rough cut) and I used my letter stamps to stamp out the message to each girl.
See how it looks all rolled stretched out?
Then I rolled it up into a ball, tied it together with some twine and put it in the bottom of the mason jar.And just for fun, I topped it off with tying twine around the top of the jar, and painted the lid with chalkboard paint so I could write each girl’s name.
It was really fun to create something for my bridesmaids and I was glad I did something that fit our wedding theme.  And the mason jars can be reused for vases!

I hope this helps to get the creative juices flowing when thinking of fun ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. This can also be done for any type of gift too – and stay tuned for a post on a Mason Jar Shower Gift idea!

Wooden fruit crates turned desk DIY

So my husband and I have a tiny old craftsman bungalow that we (let’s be honest… he- ) is restoring. I love the old style and the wood floors and built ins – it’s so fun to decorate a house that has so much character.

But it is hard to find furniture that doesn’t look to big and fits with the style of the house. Most furniture looks too modern or takes up too much precious space. So, when we decided we wanted a desk, it was quite a challenge to find something (and not spend a fortune). That’s when we remembered we had these old citrus crates in our backyard that might be useful. So we decided to make a desk out of them.

You will soon learn with more posts, that my husband is quite talented and if I have an idea, he can pretty much make it happen. So when we pulled the crates in, we set up different formations in the living room, played with dimensions for the space and once we decided on something, he got to work!

He had to cut one of the crates so we were able to put a chair underneath, but we still wanted to keep a little storage space, so he chopped it and then reattached the bottom pieces to make a shelf. Then he used wood glue, a nail gun, and some clamps to adhere the crates together.

We started with 3 crates like this:

And we ended up with a desk!

In order to make the desk slightly taller, we placed it on top of 2 smaller size crates of equal size. Eventually we (I mean he…) will build feet, but this works great for now!

I first had some files and the printer sitting in either side, but then I decided I wanted more storage and I kind of wanted each side to look uniform. So, since I did have a few more crates, I decided to see what I could do!

As the picture shows, each side has a smaller 7 up crate standing on its side to make a sort of shelf, and a coke crate on top for additional storage. One coke crate has 2 slots so I keep cards and envelopes there, and the other coke crate has dividers in it, so I keep small sized mason jars in the slots with office and craft supplies.

Total crate count… 9!

Maybe a lot, but at least now we have a great unique desk and it’s awfully inspiring to sit at it and write to you!


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