Fall Front Porch Decor

Well, it rained this weekend here and for a second it felt like fall! So I got my first pumpkin spice latte and decorated my porch 🙂 I am a creature of habit when it comes to decor (and we have no storage space so I have to keep the non-essentials to a minimum!) but this year I decided to change it up a bit!  

  I love this chalkboard I found at a vintage market! We leave it outside and Maddie loves to color on it!  The crates and window we had outback and I figured why leave then out there where nobody can see them! Aren’t the pumpkins cute too?! They are fairytale pumpkins from @traderjoes ! 

  This wreath was super easy and quick too, they sell them at any craft place and I just added a burlap bow and fabric strip to hang  it from. The mini welcome banner I made years ago and just added to the wreath (message me if you want one!)  
This was all super quick and easy, which is about all I can do these days! Hope you are all enjoying this fall season – and hopefully it’s feeling like fall where you are! 


loveinamasonjar is participating in a handmade craft fair! TOMORROW!

Hello friends!

Just a quick note to say that we’ve been busy creating because we are participating in the Knot Too Shabby Bazaar in downtown Glendora, TOMORROW!!

If you’re local, we’d love to see you!

This is the current state of my dining room table.

We will have reclaimed wood signs, burlap and lace mason jars, hanging mason jar vases, soy wax candles, burlap and lace runners, placemats, banners and MORE!


Gender Neutral Rustic Baby Nursery

We’ve finally had time to finish up the nursery! Matt painted it way back in February, and we purchased some furniture shortly after, but until recently, we haven’t had a chance to put it together or do any decorating!

This past week I was able to sort through what we had previously kept in the room and do some organizing and decorating. And now – its complete! All we need is the baby!!

Since we don’t know the gender, we wanted to keep things neutral, and I love how it turned out! We went with tan linen fabric and white furniture, gray walls we brought in rustic elements which we have throughout our home.

Want to see some photos?!

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

We found the crib at a garage sale which started the white furniture trend. We purchased the dresser and night stand from Ikea and the rocking chair we had already in the house. Our neighbors bought us the awesome cushions for the rocking chair and it matches the curtains and crib skirt perfectly.

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

I couldn’t find curtains and bed linens that I liked (except for at Restoration Hardware – which is way too expensive!) so I purchased linen fabric at Joann’s and sewed some curtains and a crib skirt. I am not the best sewer, but I tried my best and I think they look okay!

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

We bought a big dresser because we have a small house with no closets, so the many drawers will come in handy. And with the changing pad, it becomes a changing table too!

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

The changing pad cover came from a sweet little ETSY shop called Fern Leslie Baby. I loved the grey and ivory stripe and it totally matches the linen fabric for the crib skirt and curtains!

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

We of course have lots of mason jars and crates in our house, so I incorporated those into the baby room “decor”. I made the sign (it still needs to be hung :)) but, it is painted on a grape crate I got awhile back and have just been waiting to make something with it!

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

On the other wall of the room, we will eventually put in a bench seat and a built-in possibly under the window, but for now, we just brought in our red flyer wagon and added some baskets for toys.

rustic gender neutral nursery - loveinamasonjar.com

And that’s it! I’m so glad I was able to finish everything and do some decorating before baby arrives. Once we know if baby is a boy or girl, we will likely add in some more details (and maybe a custom baby name banner from our ETSY shop too! :))

Simple and Easy Spring Home Decor

Want to do a quick and easy decor update for spring? Life has been so busy lately, but I still wanted to put a little spring in our home, so here are some super easy and quick things we did that had a big effect!

…hydrangea and an old ice cream bucket for the front porch…
spring flowers in ice cream bucket | loveinamasonjar.com
…burlap wreath with welcome bunting for the front door…
burlap wreath with welcome bunting | loveinamasonjar.com
…daisies in a galvanized bucket for centerpiece…
daisies in a galvanized bucket spring centerpiece | loveinamasonjar.com
spring centerpiece daisies in galvanized bucket | loveinamasonjar.com
…spring chalkboard art…
consider the lilies spring chalkboard art | loveinamasonjar.com

DIY Handmade Valentine’s Day gifts

jar of love - loveinamasonjar.com
Looking for some hand-made gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? I like the idea of Valentine’s day, but I don’t love the commercialism of it all, and the pressure I feel it puts on people. But I still like to celebrate those I love, so I enjoy making hand-made things! Here are some home-made gift ideas:

Jar of Love

All you need is {love}

..mason jar with ring..

…scrap of fabric..


..letter stamps and ink..

..scraps of paper..

jar of love - loveinamasonjar.com
This idea here is to cut scraps of paper (I used scraps of solid color wrapping paper) into long strips, and write things you love about that person on them!

Then roll them up and place them in the jar! I cup some scrap fabric into a square and stamped the word “LOVE” on to it for the lid. Then just  screw the silver ring on and add some twine or ribbon if you want! That’s it! A collection of thoughts and things you love about someone in a little jar! A Jar of Love!

jar of love - loveinamasonjar.com

A second idea for a hand-made gift, particularly for a newlywed couple, is to display a “first dance” photo from your wedding in a frame with the lyrics from the song hand written around it.

First Dance Frame with Lyrics

All you need is:


..first dance photo..

..song lyrics..


..photo mat frame..

It’s so easy it doesn’t even need any instructions. Voila!
first dance lyrics photo - loveinamasonjar.com
first dance lyrics photo - loveinamasonjar.com

Dallas Market 2013

Well hello there from rainy Southern CA! I wanted to tell you about a fun little trip I had the pleasure of taking with my best friend last weekend in Dallas! Her mom owns a wonderful kitchen, bed and bath store in Crested Butte, CO called Casa Bella  – you should check it out! – and I was able to go with them on their annual trip to the Dallas Home and Gift Market!!

dallas market 2013

Levels and levels of showrooms full of beautiful things to order for your store! It was such a great experience! For those of you who own your own store – my hat’s off to you! What a tough job you have! I have always thought it would be fun to have my own store, but man I learned a LOT! The risks you have to take in purchasing things that hopefully people will buy, dealing with off-seasons, hoping that people will like the same things that you do, and figuring out what to stock in your shop to make people want to come in!

I know a lot of jobs are like that, but I have a new appreciation for small shop owners! You have a hard job! Thanks for taking the risks so we can buy cute things to decorate our homes and give gifts to those we love. Maybe someday I’ll have my own store (or… my creations will be in a store :)) but for now I’m thankful that I have more knowledge of what all goes into the process!


Happy weekend everyone! Hope it’s full of joy and relaxation!

7 ideas for Rustic Christmas Decorating Fun!

rustic christmas ideas - loveinamasonjar.com

Although Christmas is now over and I’m sure you’ve already taken down your Christmas decor, I wanted to share with you his post that was started pre-Christmas, but this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and finish it!

I wanted to share with you some fun decorating ideas that we did this year! I decided that since we already have so many antique, vintage pieces in our house anyway, this year we should incorporate them into Christmas decor! Which actually saved us time and money because we didn’t have to purchase any thing!

I’m talking, simple things like fake snow and candles in mason jars…so fun and easy!

2) Or using a coke crate to make a centerpiece with candle filled mason jars. Add greenery and pinecones in-between and it’s a beautiful rustic centerpiece!

3) We we also used mason jars in our kitchen filled with holly berries!

4) We had an old ladder that we usually keep all our blankets on, but this year we put those away and added burlap and lace stockings to add to the rustic charm.

rustic christmas decor - burlap and lace stockings

5) And notice how we stacked our crates and antiques in the corner to add a little scene with all the presents.

rustic christmas decor - loveinamasonjar.com

6) And of course I love the way you can customize chalkboards to the season to add the the decor!

rustic christmas decor - chalkboards - loveinamasonjar.com

7) We love this mini christmas tree in a galvanized bucket too!!

mini tree galvanized - loveinamasonjar.com

And although this is a bit late, maybe this will inspire you for next Christmas! Pin and save for future reference! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!!

The Burlap Wreath. Versatile front door decor.

Why is it that the fall season gets so many of us in the crafty mood?  Decorating the porch…baking pumpkin goodies…thinking of DIY Christmas gifts…I feel this way most of the time anyway, but for some reason this season and into the new year, I feel full of creative energy.  Today I wanted to share my favorite little front door decor, The Burlap Wreath.  I realized I have had this on my front door for almost a whole year! I’ve just changed out the decor and phrases for different seasons!  I don’t have any step by step photos, but this basic wreath is perfect, simple, and can be changed all year round!

Here’s what I use for the basic wreath:

..foam wreath.. (floral section at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

..thick burlap ribbon.. (like THIS)

..hot glue gun..


That’s it! Just wrap the foam wreath in the burlap ribbon (or cut burlap into about 7 inch strips) and hot glue and the end!  Use the twine to wrap around the top several times and tie to make a loop to hang.  Then decorate as you please!  I’ve also had other little mini pennant banner phrases like “WELCOME” or “HI THERE”, and you can use different ribbon for color if you wish!

Here is last years Christmas / Winter wreath…

Do you have cute wreath ideas? I’d love to see them!

Pinterest Project – Pantry Canister Jar Labels!

Lately I have been trying to find some time to actually DO projects I’ve seen online. If you’ve been on pinterest, chances are you may have seen this lovely photo posted around from a sweet blog I follow: The Painted Hive.

It’s been around for awhile, but I have always wanted to re-do my pantry jars and I finally got a chance to.  I love how it turned out and wanted to share – although it’s not as fancy as Kristine did it, and mine are not able to go in the dishwasher.  But I still LOVE the way they look on my counter and in my pantry!  To do it all you need is:

..jars.. (ikea has a good selection)

..Inkjet Clear Waterslide decal paper.. (can order online HERE)

..Krylon clear gloss spray..


To make the label paper  print your image right on the paper and then spray with Krylon clear gloss and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Then you have lovely labels like so! (Thank you for the label printable paintedhive!!)

Cut the images out near to the edge and then you have little labels for your jar!  Place a label in a bowl of water and let it sit for 45-60 seconds until you can see the label start to come off the backing.

Then place the label on your jar! You can use a wet paper towel to smooth out the bubbles.

Let sit for a few hours and you are good to go!!!

I love how they turned out!!!!

Thanks again for the labels and idea from The Painted Hive!!!

Mason Jar storage – Utensil organizer

I wanted to share with you this quick and easy project I did this weekend, using some things you probably already have at home and yes…you guessed it… Mason Jars! I started thinking about it when I was going through our cupboards and trying to figure out how to creatively fit all our kitchen stuff into our kitchen space! And I hope our house is and will always be, a place where people feel comfortable to come over for a meal, dessert, or even for those just stopping by. And I’d like to be semi prepared to have an impromptu gathering!

Which is why we have a lot of paper plates and plastic utensils…for those easy dinners and impromptu gatherings. But it is no fun to pull the plastic silverware out of a box and place them on the counter for people to use! And that’s what we have been doing when things are last minute lately. So I decided to store them all ready to use.

…You just need…
..wide mouth mason jars (stores items more accessibly)..
..kraft paper/hole punch/reinforcements (to make tags – see this post here too)..
..mini alphabet stamps and ink (I found at Michael’s)..Insert the utensils in the mason mars…And use the alphabet stamps to label the tag. And use the twine to tie the labels onto the jars! And there you have some cute utensil holders ready to pull out and use at an impromptu dinner at a moments notice!
I have this handy basket thing I found at homegoods a few years back, so I decided to store them in this, so I can just carry them out if needed. Or use them separately too!